About Povigo

Povigo means empowerment in Esperanto which is a universal language.

We thought that this name was fitting for our mission to power empowerment through clean energy development. Electricity enables things so basic that we take them for granted such as light after dark, but it also enables economic development and access to things that we consider to be fundamental rights such as education and healthcare.

As it stands, many parts of the developing world, accounting for over one billion people are living without electricity.

Much of the electrification of developing regions has been done through non-clean sources such as coal. Povigo seeks to help small communities electrify their lives through clean/renewable energy sources – skipping or converting altogether from these dirty old methods. As part of our model, we will also be providing families and communities a path towards a fair and stable income through connecting their crafts and goods to you.

Povigo strives to give conscious consumer the ability to make direct impacts with their purchases.

Our first batch of products that we sourced from our last trip to Asia can be found in our store. The profits from all purchases as well as any donations will go to electrifying small artisan communities through the installation of renewable energy infrastructure. Our first village that we will be electrifying is in Northern Vietnam in an off-grid agricultural community that produces coffee and tea. This clean energy will empower the community to expand their trade and to reach wider markets through Povigo. Each community that we help electrify and connect to you will let us continue our mission to bring clean and sustainable energy to further communities.

We hope that you will join us on our mission to empower.

Fiat lux.